Custom Sticker Printing / Decals

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We have pre-selected the most common print options for you to make ordering easier, but you can change these options to suit your needs.
  • Increase Brand Visibility

    Custom stickers are a powerful tool to enhance brand visibility. By distributing high quality custom stickers, your business can reach a broader audience. Whether it’s through stickers that are vinyl on cars or stickers on bumpers, these small items can make a big impact.

    Cost-Effective Marketing

    Custom sticker printing offers a cost-effective marketing solution. Compared to traditional advertising methods, sticker printing is relatively inexpensive and allows for mass distribution. Personalised stickers and label printing can be produced in bulk, making them an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

    Versatility in Application

    Custom stickers can be applied to a variety of surfaces, from paper to metal and even glass. This versatility means that you can use them on products, packaging, promotional materials, and more. Vinyl stickers, in particular, are durable and suitable for outdoor use.

  • Vinyl Stickers

    These are popular due to their durability and water-resistant properties. They are ideal for outdoor use and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether you need bumper stickers or clear stickers, vinyl is a robust option.

    Paper Stickers

    Paper stickers are perfect for indoor use and are often used for product labelling and packaging. The backing sheet can be made from easy to peel paper or synthetic materials, offering different cutting and printing options. They are cost-effective and can be printed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Paper stickers are easy to apply and remove, making them a versatile choice for temporary needs.

    Reflective Stickers

    Reflective stickers are designed to catch the light, making them highly visible at night. These are commonly used for safety and security purposes. Reflective stickers are perfect for vehicles, helmets, and other items that require enhanced visibility.

  • Digital Printing

    Digital printing is ideal for small to medium-sized orders to print stickers. It offers high-quality prints with vibrant colours and sharp details. This method is perfect for personalised stickers and allows for quick turnaround times.

    Offset Printing

    Offset printing is best suited for large orders. It provides consistent, high-quality results and is cost-effective for bulk printing. This method is excellent for businesses needing thousands of stickers at a time.

    Flexographic Printing

    Flexographic printing is commonly used for custom labels and packaging. It is a versatile method that can print on various materials, including vinyl and paper. Flexographic printing is known for its speed and efficiency.

  • Choosing the Right Shape and Size

    Custom shapes can make your stickers stand out. Whether you prefer round, square, or die-cut shapes, choosing the right design is crucial. Consider where the stickers will be placed and how they will be used.

    Colour and Finish Options

    Selecting the right colours and finishes can enhance the appeal of your custom stickers. Glossy finishes add a shiny look, while matte finishes provide a subtle, sophisticated appearance. Consider using bold colours to make your stickers eye-catching.

    Adding Your Logo and Messaging

    Your custom stickers should prominently feature your logo and brand messaging. This not only reinforces brand recognition but also communicates your business’s values and services. Keep the design clean and ensure the text is readable. uTask Print offers guidance and specialized services to ensure the best results for your sticker project.

  • High-Quality Materials

    At uTask Print, we use only the best materials for sticker printing. Our stickers are durable and long-lasting, while our paper stickers are perfect for eco-friendly options. We ensure that every sticker meets our high standards.

    Advanced Printing Techniques

    We utilise advanced printing techniques to produce high-quality custom stickers. Whether you need custom sticker printing or vinyl stickers, our state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision and clarity in every print.

    Customisation Options

    uTask Print offers a wide range of customisation options. From custom shapes to personalised stickers, we provide the flexibility to create stickers that align with your brand’s identity. Our team is ready to assist you in bringing your vision to life. Customers can also request a sample pack to see the quality and variety of stickers available.

  • Product Labelling

    Custom stickers are perfect for product labelling. They can include important information such as ingredients, usage instructions, and branding. Custom labels help to enhance the presentation and professionalism of your products.

    Promotional Giveaways

    Custom stickers make excellent promotional giveaways. Hand them out at events, trade shows, and customer appreciation days. Bumper stickers are popular choices for giveaways, offering long-lasting brand exposure.

    Office and Organisation


    Use custom stickers to organise your office space. Label folders, drawers, and supplies for better organisation. Personalised stickers can also be used to create a cohesive and branded office environment.

  • Application Tips

    To ensure your stickers last, it’s important to apply them correctly. Clean the surface thoroughly before application to remove any dirt or grease. For vinyl stickers, smooth out any air bubbles to ensure a secure and long-lasting fit.

    Maintenance and Cleaning

    Maintain your stickers by cleaning them regularly. For stickers that are vinyl, use a mild soap and water solution to wipe them clean. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage the print or adhesive.

    Storage Recommendations

    Store unused stickers in a cool, dry place. Keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent fading and adhesive degradation. Proper storage ensures your stickers remain in excellent condition until they’re ready to use.

    By following these guidelines and utilising uTask Print's services, you can create unique stickers that not only look great but also effectively promote your business. Whether you need sticker printing for marketing, organisation, or personalisation, uTask Print offers the quality and expertise you need.