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Print & Design Definitions

  • Extra image or text that is outside of the trim area

  • 4 Colour Process Printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)

  • Computer to Plate - Plate processing technology

  • Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital-based image directly to a variety of media. It usually refers to printing small-run jobs

  • Dye-sublimation printing (or dye-sub printing) is a term that convers several distinct digital computer printing techniques that involve using heat to transfer dye onto a substrate

  • Fonts that are embedded while creating PDF

  • All processes that follow the sheets being printed

  • Heat transfer printing uses the process of heat to transfer an image to an object or garment.

  • Layout of artwork on the printed sheet

  • Large format printing refers to any printing project that uses a large sheet of paper. Common examples include posters, banners, and trade show displays

  • Fonts that have been outlined in the design software

  • Method that transfers image on plate to the stock

  • Number of pixels in an image

  • Raster Image Processor - A device that converts digital files

  • Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink (or dye) onto a substrate.

  • Finished size of the print product

  • Corner marks to indicate trim

  • Ink or liquid based coating added to stock during printing

  • Image Resolution Measurement - best setting for high quality print

  • 60%c, 50%m, 50%y, 100%k also called Super Black

Paper / Media Options and Definitions

  • GSM or Grams per Square Metre

  • A4 and A3 Desk top Printers 80gsm lazer, Gloss paper 100 - 420gsm, Lazer / Uncoated Paper 80 - 400gsm

  • Forset Stewardship Council When it comes to paper used in packaging, an FSC certification ensures that the wood is sourced from forests that are responsibly managed in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, including water and energy use, as well as the end product's overall environmental rating.

  • PEFC assures that your final product can be traced back to a sustainable source that has been managed with environmental, social and economic factors taken into consideration.

  • Short or Long. The grain direction of paper is an important factor to consider when planning your print projects. It affects how the paper prints, folds and binds. Simply put, paper folds and tears more easily with the grain than against.

  • Self Adhesive Vinyls (SAV) can be glossy or matt with permanent adhesive, glossy or matt with removable adhesive or gloss white highly conformable cast. The special surface coating optimises ink adhesion and colour reproduction for long-lasting brilliant graphics.

  • These films are best suited to smooth and flat applications, were no bending is required. With a short outdoor durability, they're better used for internal applications or selective short term external applications. Typical uses tend to include promotional signage, stickers and exhibitions.

  • With a medium term durability of 3-5years, they can be used both externally and internally. Typical uses tend to include in and outdoor signage and flat applications on vehicles.

  • Celloglazing / Laminating is a coating that can go on almost any print job to give it a high-end finish. During this process, a machine applies heat and pressure to adhere a thin sheet of film to printed paper or board, finishes include matt / gloss / velvet / textured or anti slip./p>