Perfect Bound Booklets

Glued Spine
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We have pre-selected the most common print options for you to make ordering easier, but you can change these options to suit your needs.
  • Perfect bound books are a professional’s choice because of their sleek finish and when glued are one of the most popular booklet printing methods. This binding method glues the internal pages together at the spine with a strong adhesive and then attaches a soft cover. It produces a clean spine and a book that lies flat when open, great for annual reports to children’s books.


    Perfect for

    Perfect bound books are great for annual reports, catalogues and magazines. Their professional finish and durability makes them the choice for businesses who want to make a big impact with their printed materials. The soft cover can be custom printed to add to the overall product.

  • Internal Page Quality

    The internal pages of perfect bound books are key to the overall look and feel of the book. At uTask Print we offer a range of paper weights and finishes to ensure your printed pages look and feel professional. Glossy, matte or uncoated paper, we have the paper to showcase your content in the best possible way.


    Durability and Longevity

    Perfect bound books are durable. The adhesive used in perfect binding is strong enough to keep the internal pages together, so the book will not fall apart with use. Great for publications that need to last, such as annual reports and reference materials.

  • Pre-Press Preparation

    Before we print your book, make sure your files are set up correctly. This means checking image resolution, text within safe margins and that the total number of pages is a multiple of 4. Our team at uTask Print can help with the pre-press preparation to get your project print ready.



    At uTask Print we use the latest printing service technology to produce vibrant high quality printed pages. Our printers can produce detailed images and sharp text so your perfectly bound book will stand out. We have a range of cmyk colour options to match your brand and design.

  • Cover Design and Finishes

    The cover of your perfect bound book is the first thing your audience will see so make a big impression. We have various cover finishes, glossy, matte and UV coating to enhance the look and feel of the book. Our design team can also create a custom cover to match your brand and message. uTask Print offer graphic design services to clients for a range of printing jobs to prepare your print ready files. To get a free quote on your full colour print project, contact the team at uTask Print for a perfect bound book printing graphic design quote.


    Internal Page Paper

    Choosing the right paper for the internal pages is key to achieving the look and feel you want from your perfect bound book. We have a range of paper weights and finishes to suit different needs and preferences. From lightweight paper for large quantities to heavier paper for a premium feel we have the solution for your project.

  • Professional Finish

    Perfect binding gives your books a professional finish that’s hard to beat with other binding options. The clean spine produces a polished look great for business publications like annual reports, product catalogues and marketing materials. This professional finish will help your brand and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


    Economical for Large Quantities

    Perfect bound books are economical especially when ordered in large quantities. The binding process is quick and allows for high volume production without compromising on quality. Great for businesses looking to produce professional looking publications at an affordable price.

  • Expertise

    It can be hard choosing a printer for your perfect bound books without making alot of phone calls to local printers. That's where uTask Print comes in. Once you have created a free account with uTask Print, simply create a new job and upload your artwork and our print management platform will automatically match your print job to the printers within a 50 km radius of your business who can print your bound book. While we do not offer a instant price calculator, you will receive the best of 3 quotes and you can pay for your print job online and have it delivered via local courier.


    One Stop Shop

    uTask Print is a one stop shop for all your printing needs, from design and pre-press to printing and binding. Our all in one solution means you can focus on your business while we take care of your printing. With our quality and customer satisfaction guarantee you can trust us to deliver books every time.

    Perfect bind books are professional, durable and economical for business publications. By understanding the benefits of perfect binding and working with an experienced printer like uTask Print you can produce high quality printed materials that will make an impact.

  • Perfect bound booklets offer several advantages over other binding methods:

    1. Professional appearance: Perfect binding creates a sleek, high-quality finish with crisp corners and straight edges, giving the booklet a polished look.

    2. Flat, printable spine: Unlike some other softcover methods, perfect binding produces a flat spine that can accommodate printed text like titles, author names, or volume numbers.

    3. Cost-effectiveness: Perfect binding is generally more affordable than hardcover binding, especially for medium to large print runs.

    4. Flexibility in page count: This method works well for a wide range of page counts, from as low as 20-40 pages up to several hundred pages.

    5. Durability: When using quality adhesives like PUR glue, perfect-bound books are durable and can withstand frequent handling.

    6. Versatility: Perfect binding is suitable for various applications, including paperbacks, catalogs, magazines, manuals, and more.

    7. Efficient stacking and display: The uniform thickness and flat spine allow perfect-bound books to stack neatly on shelves or tables.

    8. Design flexibility: This binding method offers options for various paper weights, colors, finishes, and cover types.

    9. Customisation: Perfect binding allows for additional finishing options like foil stamping, embossing, and matte/glossy lamination.

    10. Efficient production: Modern perfect binding machines enable quick turnaround times and efficient production of large quantities.

    These benefits make perfect binding an attractive option for many publishing projects, balancing professional quality with cost-effectiveness and versatility.