DL Folded Brochures

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We have pre-selected the most common print options for you to make ordering easier, but you can change these options to suit your needs.
  • Multi Purpose Marketing

    For Take away Menus

    A DL brochure with a roll fold is great for takeaway menus. They are easy to handle and distribute and have plenty of space to include all your menu items and promotions. With DL brochures your customers will have everything they need at their fingertips.


    For Event Promotions

    Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or community fundraiser, DL brochures are perfect for promotion. They can be folded to DL from A4 and have room for event details, schedules and sponsor logos. The visual impact of professional quality graphic design in a DL brochure makes it the top choice for event organisers.


    Design and Print

    Design Services

    At uTask Print we offer full design services to help you realise your vision. Our team can help you create great looking DL brochures that deliver your message. High quality design is key to your brochures standing out and grabbing the attention of your audience.


    Print Quality

    Print quality is important for your DL brochures. uTask Print prints every brochure to the highest standard, with crisp text and vibrant images, offering the option of selecting between gloss or matte finishes. That looks good for your business and helps to build trust.

  • Small and Handy

    Easy to Distribute

    A DL brochure is designed to be small and easy to distribute. The DL brochure size makes them perfect for mailing, handing out at events or including in product packaging. The size is so convenient you can reach a large audience with minimal effort.


    Finished Size Benefits

    When folded to DL the finished size fits into standard envelopes so they’re great for direct mail campaigns. That means your promotional material will arrive neatly and professionally at your target market.


    Budget Friendly Marketing

    Cheap Printing

    A full colour DL brochure is a budget friendly option for all businesses. At uTask Print we offer competitive pricing on all print jobs so you get the best quality at the best rate. That means you can print large quantities without breaking the bank.


    High ROI

    Investing in full colour DL brochures or DL panels will give you a high return as they’re effective in communicating information and promoting services. The compact size and professional look of DL panels grabs the attention of potential customers making them a valuable marketing tool.

  • Made to Measure

    Custom Designs

    Every business is unique and uTask Print knows how important customisation is. Our design services offer you artwork options and let you tailor your DL brochures to match your brand’s look and feel and specific needs. Custom specifications means your brochures will look like your brand and communicate your message.


    Same Configuration as You

    Our DL brochure can be customised to the same configuration as your existing marketing materials. Whether you need A4 folded to DL or another specific fold, uTask Print's professional service can do it for you so all your printed material looks the same.


    Multiple Uses and Applications

    Suitable for Many Industries

    A DL brochure is versatile and can be used across many industries. From real estate listings and event promotions to take away menus and company information, they can be used for many purposes. That’s why they’re a popular choice for many businesses.


    Flexible Content

    The layout of DL brochures is flexible so you can include many types of content. Whether you need detailed product descriptions, images or essential account information, DL brochures can fit it all in while looking clean and tidy.

    Add these to your DL brochure and you’ll have a great marketing tool for your business. uTask Print. Print done right.

  • What is the size of the DL brochures?

    TheDL brochure is 99mm x 210mm when open. Folded from an A4 sheet to DL brochure size they are 210mm x 297mm, folded twice to get the finished DL size.


    Why use these for my marketing?

    These are versatile and great for many marketing uses, event promotions, take away menus and direct mail campaigns. They’re compact and professional looking so perfect for a wide audience.


    What businesses use these brochures?

    Any business can use these brochures. They’re popular in industries like hospitality (menus), real estate (property listings), events (schedules and promotions), retail (product promotions).


    How many folds do these brochures have?

    These brochures have 2 folds when created from an A4 sheet, so a tri-fold layout. This gives 6 panels for content so plenty of space for info and images.


    How can I use these brochures?

    These can be used in:

    • Direct Mail: They’re compact so perfect for mailing.

    • In-store Promotions: Hand out to customers for new products or services to show your excellent service from a great company.

    • Events: As event programs or schedules.

    • Menus: For take away menus or specials.


    Can I put images and graphics in these brochures?

    Yes, images and graphics can be included in the DL brochure. High res images make the DL brochure look great and more engaging for the reader. Our design team can help you choose and place the images for a cost. You can call us during business hours for a custom quote or message us through the website.


    Can I order a small run of this DL brochure?

    Yes, at uTask Print we can do small and large runs. Whether you need a few for an event or a big batch for a marketing campaign we can help, add this into your printing requirements.


    How do I order with uTask Print?

    Create a free account, login and upload your artwork (or get a uTask graphic designer to create the artwork for you). Place an order to get the best of 3 local quotes. You can then pay online or by bank transfer and your done.


    Can I use these brochures for digital marketing?

    While the DL brochure is a physical marketing tool, the design can be used digitally. You can share the digital version via email or social media to reach a wider audience.


    How do I distribute these brochures?

    Depends on your target market. Some options:

    • Direct Mail: Send to your customers’ addresses.

    • In-person: Hand out at events, in-store or at trade shows.

    • Retail Outlets: Place in strategic locations in your store.


    How do I make my DL brochure stand out?

    To make your DL brochures stand out:

    • High-quality Design: Get professional design services.

    • Clear Messaging: Keep your content concise and engaging.

    • Visual Appeal: Use great images and graphics.

    • Unique Offers: Include special deals or discounts.


    What should I put in my DL brochure content?

    Good brochure content should have:

    • A Headline: Grab attention straight away.

    • Key Points: Highlight the main bits clearly.

    • Call to Action: Get the reader to do something next.

    • Contact Info: Your business details for follow up.